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The main entrance to Woodlands at Commercial Blvd.

By Agrippina Fadel

The election of board members for the Woodlands Homeowners’ Association (WHOA) will be finalized this week.

The vote count was originally scheduled to take place on February 7; however, a mix-up in the ballots prevented the homeowners association from calling the results.

The election drew a lot of attention due to the clear line dividing candidates and residents between those who support the 13th floor development of the old golf course and those who vehemently oppose it.

The opposing camp, called “Save the Woodlands,” says OMSA does not have the best interests of residents or the community in mind; and accuses board members of having ulterior motives to support the development of new homes by the 13th floor.

Proponents of the developer’s plans to build 335 homes on the golf courses say the proposal can be a saving grace for the 50-year-old community, bringing much-needed improvements, better infrastructure and social life.

Both sides had backed their candidates in the February election, with Save the Woodlands endorsing four.

According to the letter sent by WHOA to the residents, the election was not finalized due to issues with how the management company sent the ballots, as well as “actions taken by some people, including a candidate for the board of directors, who prepared and sent unofficial ballots.

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A Save the Woodlands-backed candidate, Patricia Newlin, says OMSA denies responsibility.

“WHOA claimed fraud was involved because management made an error in sending out ballots. They sent out two different types, one had the logo and header, and the other didn’t. Some residents got one, and some got the other,” she said.

Newlin added that OMSA claims one of the candidates made his own ballot and issued it under his name.

“Which is impossible because all the letters received bore the same stamp on the meter with their account number, and they all came from the property management. But that’s how they pushed this issue and stopped the election,” she added.

Newlin explained that OMSA had a closed meeting where only board members were allowed, who then voted to re-election.

The live count takes place on Thursday, March 10, after which the four candidates at large will be announced.

The OMSA letter says the election will take place ‘as quickly as possible, there will be no delay beyond what is necessary’ and warns residents to accept ballots from others people or give their ballots to someone else.

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