Woman faces $250,000 lawsuit from homeowners association for feeding ducks

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) – A Texas woman has been feeding ducks near her home for more than a decade, but her homeowners association is now suing her for $250,000.

Kathleen Rowe of Cypress believes the ducks she feeds won’t eat unless she provides them with food.

Rowe said she would feed the birds twice a day, and no one said anything for years.

Three months ago, Rowe said she received her first warning to stop from the HOA.

“I got a lot of letters from the HOA telling me to stop feeding the ducks, and at one point I actually stopped feeding the ducks,” Rowe said. “It took three days, but at the end of the third day there were ducks in my front yard, crying, just crying, saying, ‘Why don’t you feed us? “”

Rowe said she used to feed these ducks twice a day until she received a trial.(KTRK via CNN Newsource)

Rowe resumed feeding the ducks, prompting Lakeland Village to file a motion in court stating that Rowe was violating act restrictions by feeding wildlife.

“You can’t tell me I can’t feed these ducks, and they just turned around and sued me for it,” Rowe said.

Rowe now has her family’s home for sale in case she is ordered to pay the $250,000.

She only feeds the ducks once a day now, as she and her husband prepare to move.

“I’m trying to, I guess, little by little, basically teach the ducks that this is going to end, and there’s nothing I can do about it,” Rowe said.

If Rowe moves, it will be with her brother to a farm, where she says she hopes to care for more wildlife.

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