Tributes paid to a remarkable woman who was the “heart” of the school association



TRIBUTES were paid to a “remarkable” former governor of a Worcester school.

Joan Faram was governor of Alice Ottley School – now RGS Worcester & Alice Ottley School – for over 30 years, having herself been a pupil there.

Miss Faram died shortly before Christmas at the age of 90 and was well known throughout the city for her work with the Old Maids Association, which would later become the Alice Ottley Association.

A few years after joining in the 1940s, she headed the association and, under his leadership, it has grown steadily.

Julia McCreath, the current president of the association, said: “She was a remarkable lady from Worcester.

“The Worcester News has been invaluable to her over the years, as she consulted it daily for news of Alice Ottley’s alumni, as well as perusing the birth, marriage and death columns of the national newspapers. . She corresponded with old maids, visited them if they were sick or alone.

“She put old friends in touch with each other. She knew the name of each of the more than 2,000 members of the association and could often tell you about their friends and relations.

Miss Faram had lived in Battenhall all her life, as had her parents. During the war she worked in the British restaurant at Public Hall, Worcester, and drove trucks, making deliveries to farms across the region.

She later became involved in many aspects of city life, including becoming a member of the Worcester Archaeological Society and serving on the local NSPCC committee.

But it was the Alice Ottley School that was her life.

Ms McCreath said: “Her life has indeed lasted and embraced most of the history of the school. Her mother was a student at the school when she was just starting out when Miss Alice Ottley was the principal. Miss Faram went to school there, as did her aunts, cousins ​​and their daughters. She knew five of the school’s six principals personally.

A former principal of the Eileene Millest school said: “Joan is not only the brain, the file, the organizer and the recorder of the association. She is his heart.

Miss Faram’s funeral took place at St Martin’s Church, London Road, and was attended by former principals, old school friends and many alumni.


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