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Macomb Township is seeking to bring peace to local neighborhoods plagued by conflicting ordinances, by taking the preliminary step of contacting homeowners associations for a town hall meeting.

For a little over a month, the township has been collecting the names and contact details of the presidents and officers of the Macomb Township Subdivision Owners Association (HOA). The aim is to develop a public assembly or series of sessions that would create greater communication between the township and its neighborhoods, according to supervisor Frank Viviano.

Macomb Township Supervisor Frank Viviano said Macomb Township is researching contact details for subdivision owner associations and hopes they can organize a municipal event to connect with these groups in the future. (Photo courtesy of Frank Viviano)

“We tried to put together all of the HOA contact information. It turned out to be much more difficult than we thought. There is no database available, ”said Viviano.

For this reason, the township is interested in creating one, confirmed Viviano. Currently, the township is trying to get the word out about finding suitable contacts with homeowners associations through social media and the information available on the township website. Representatives of homeowners associations who have been responsive so far have been eager to communicate neighborhood events, Viviano said.

Presidents and leaders of homeowners associations can find information and a form at, or contact [email protected] Some of the basic information sought includes the name of the subdivision, the names of the president and / or officers of the owners association, phone numbers and email addresses.

“We want to contribute to all of their successes, helping HOA organizations to be good partners with the township,” said Viviano.

The town hall meetings would allow township representatives and groups of homeowners’ associations to discuss their concerns, help neighbors communicate with their neighbors and share materials, Viviano said. He added that a primary objective would be to help resolve some disputes without the need for municipal intervention such as citations of ordinances.

“Things like, often, have concerns about parking RVs and other utility vehicles in driveways or on sidewalks. We think it’s a way to help them communicate with their neighbors without having to go and start quoting, ”said Viviano.

Better communications with homeowners associations could also help the township publicize new policies, according to Viviano.

“Things in the township that affect everyone and are available to them, that we need to do a better job of communicating. This is one of the reasons I wanted to create the post of communications officer, we need to do a better job of communicating with residents about things that are not only happening but are available to them, things that will benefit them, ”Viviano mentioned.

On September 22, the Macomb Township Board of Directors approved a Community Relations Liaison position by a 5-1 vote, with Administrator Frank Cusumano voting no and Administrator Nancy Nevers absent. The new position is a full-time non-union position in the township that would report to the supervisor’s office and is within the budget of the supervisor’s office as there is no assistant supervisor, Viviano said on September 22. The salary scale will be proposed when the matter has returned to the board, and he plans to bring the item back to the board to begin the recruiting process before the end of the year. Communities such as the townships of Clinton and Shelby, as well as Sterling Heights, have a community liaison post, Viviano added.


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