Some Glenview residents want to save Nuisance Beaver Owners Association’s plans to trap and kill – CBS Chicago



CHICAGO (CBS) – The inhabitants of the northern suburbs are mobilizing to save some beavers who have moved into their neighborhood. The animals may seem harmless enough, but an owners association claims that the animals do damage and want to kill them.

Beavers are accused of eating away at the landscape and trees. The trapping and killing of beavers was the solution adopted by management and the owners’ association. Some say it’s a pretty big answer to a small problem.

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“I’m very upset,” said Todd Stern, who lives at Concord at the Glenn in the suburb of Glenview. “Tthey actually put traps underwater to catch the beavers and drown them, which I think is absolutely horrible.

Cagan Management sent a notice saying beavers, considered a nuisance to some, would be removed from the ponds this week.

“Very misleading, no mention of killing them,” Stern said.

“It’s not a humane way to control pests,” said Rachel Siegel. “It’s a slow death.

A group of Glenview residents are now trying to stop trapping and let the beavers continue to swim

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“They do a little bit of damage to the trees, but they don’t really hurt anyone,” Siegel said.

“I don’t see any damage from two beavers that warrants killing them for it,” said Jackie Barrett.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources recommends traps that quickly drown beavers. The State Trappers Association says drowning is a widely used and common form of trapping.

“Killing these beavers is wrong,” Siegel said.

“I’m okay with them living here,” Stern said. “They are cute.”

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The management company sent CBS 2 a brief statement saying the Home Owners Association is continuing to research and a final decision will be made after careful consideration.


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