“Repaint that $ 23,000 garage door!” “


The fate of garage doors – all garage doors – isn’t exactly high on the list of global problems.

But for Julie Good, her new garage doors are a triumph, a piece of resistance, a tour de force. Less hyperbolic, they improve the attractiveness of your home.

“I am very sad that I have to take them out,” said Good, 62.

When she bought the North Tustin home ten years ago, it featured a long garage with three narrow exits. Good kept banging his car in and out.

“I lost two mirrors and scratched a side panel,” Good said. Last year, after one too many repair bills, she decided a garage remodel was overdue.

Completed in mid-January, the facelift merged two of the garage doors into a larger entrance for easier maneuvering.

Pragmatics aside, Good is delighted with the aesthetic – southwest-style metal doors sporting a weathered and weathered look. “They are even more magnificent than I imagined.”

But this feeling is not universal. Shortly after the big unveiling, Good learned that his homeowners association was not that impressed. Retroactively, the board denied approval.

“Needless to say, I was shocked,” Good recalls. “It’s mind-boggling.”

A bank executive, also with a master’s degree in architecture, Good has a flair for business and a sense of beauty. She couldn’t imagine replacing the old generic doors with new generic ones. After all, the garage consumes almost the entire front of his duplex, most of which is stacked behind on the hillside.

For advice, Good turned to Ray hare – a leading photorealistic artist who consults her on interior design.

“These doors are all you see from the street,” said Hare, who lives in Anaheim. “There are a lot of things to do on them. “

Hare told Good about the striking metal doors he spotted in Palm Desert. Internet research led her to Dave Koch, an Arizona craftsman specializing in weathered metal doors.

Good flew to Tucson to meet Koch and visit homes displaying his designs. In love with the natural “tarnished” look, she hired him for the job.

Next, Good received a confusing notice from the Charter Point Community Association. The HOA oversees 54 homes in Cowan Heights – a wealthy corner of Santa Ana that borders Tustin.

“This work must be approved by the architecture committee,” read the unsigned email.

Good submitted the requested forms promptly, albeit after the fact. In response, the HOA asked him to “remove / replace / repaint or modify garage doors…. to conform to the design of the neighborhood.

“A solid color would be more in keeping with the style of the community,” said another email, referring to the different rusty brown hues of the doors.

“If you do not comply, you will be liable to fines and legal remedies,” the letter concluded.

Pointing out the rather eclectic array of homes surrounding it, Good asked, “Just so I’m clear, what’s the definition of neighborhood-compliant design? No response came.

HOA board members did not return calls seeking comment on this article.

Hare argues that painting the metal marbled brown would destroy its reason for existing – a raw, natural look. Besides, he added, the paint would peel off soon.

“Let’s be real here – there’s nothing offensive about these doors,” Hare said. “It’s not like they’re painted with geometric patterns and polka dots. They’re organic and pleasing to the eye.”

Good said the HOA never asked her about other changes she made, such as repainting the exterior and redesigning the front yard with succulents.

“We only pay the HOA $ 125 per month,” Good said. “Its main function is to maintain the hillsides.

Former HOA board member Elinor Silverstein agreed with this assessment, describing the neighborhood association as “easy going.”

“Honestly, the association is not nitpicking,” said Silverstein. “Our houses are not all the same. We are not Irvine.

Stressing that she does not speak for the council, the longtime resident said she had no idea why Good had run into traps. “I think these doors are the coolest,” she said. “But (Good) had to skip an important step. There is a process that you go through.

Good has said her case will likely end in mediation, so, at a minimum, she has a few weeks to enjoy her $ 23,000 makeover before the next battle.

“I’m joking that I’ll cover my doors with cheap plastic tablecloths so they’re a solid color,” Good said.

Hare bristles with controversy over something he helped fashion. “I feel like I have to defend Julie,” he said. “It’s almost harassment. Its doors are spectacular. What’s the big deal?

“At the end of the day,” he said, “we’re just talking about garage doors. “

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