Ready for the start of the school year? The Association of New Canadians needs help to ensure that its children are


Tilak Chawan and Burke Brokenshire are the Children and Youth Program Coordinators for the Association for New Canadians. (Gary Locke / CBC)

We are getting closer to this time of year.

Back to school.

And the Association of New Canadians (ANC) needs your help to make sure the kids it serves have the supplies they need to go to school next month and year round.

“As we know, conflicts around the world do not conveniently choose the first day of school to send us new children,” said Burke Brokenshire, co-coordinator of children and youth programs for the ANC in Terre- Newfoundland and Labrador.

The association delivers school supplies to school-aged young people who are new to this province, and Brokenshire said the simple act of providing something that is needed goes a long way.

“It helps a family who may come from a difficult background to feel really welcome here.”

Facilitate the transition

Coordinator Tilak Chawan said they “depended heavily” on donations and worked to stock the closets while back to school was on people’s minds as ANC programs help hundreds of children in St. John’s only.

“Throughout the year, we see a lot of newcomer children and youth in our province where we help them integrate them into a new school system,” said Chawan.

The ANC needs help with donated backpacks full of school supplies to help new Canadian families prepare their children for school. (Gary Locke / CBC)

Chawan said the articles are often donated by community groups, religious groups and individuals.

Help with a head start

Chawan said ANC’s programs also help new graduates make the transition to post-secondary education, ensuring his community is well supported.

The association understands the need to help new families, in new cultures, get a head start on their new life in Canada, he added.

Helping these families with school supplies helps take some of the financial stress out, especially in families with more than one child.

The organizers of the ANC for Children and Youth program say every donation helps and they rarely refuse anything. (Gary Locke / CBC)

“It really helps a lot, both financially but also in other areas,” Brokenshire said.

The ANC is asking for donations of backpacks, notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, markers, glue, scissors, calculators, water bottles and anything that people may have around that could be of use to a young student.

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