Proactive assistant honored by the owners association


Photos courtesy of Kristi Fenninger

Deputy Chris Segrest is honored by members of the Walden Homeowners Association for his proactive work in keeping the community safe and meeting the needs of residents.

Last year, residents of the Walden Pond Subdivision worried about the arrival of a new one in the neighborhood.

This person was not a resident but spent a lot of time in the area, often seen walking behind women as they walked around.

Residents called 911, but the driver reportedly left when the deputy arrived.

This deputy was usually Chris Segrest, a longtime Coweta resident with close ties to the Senoia area and East Coweta. He took it upon himself to resolve this matter.

The same driver had been seen doing the same thing in several other nearby neighborhoods. Instead of waiting for a crime to happen, Segrest joined the Homeowners Association Facebook page for each of the neighborhoods facing this issue.

“I asked them to send me a message, send me pictures and I would take care of it,” Segrest said.

It wasn’t long before Segrest made contact with the suspicious man, who told the deputy that he had recently been fired and was bored, so he was driving to kill time.

“I told him I got it, but since he’s not a resident of those neighborhoods, he didn’t need to be here,” Segrest recalls.

The man stayed away for a while, but quickly returned. When he did, Segrest approached him again.

“He got it,” Segrest said. “And we haven’t seen him since.

A permanent assignment

Segrest is one of dozens of MPs who work in permanent areas around the county. In the past, patrollers from the sheriff’s office alternated areas.

However, three years ago the idea of ​​keeping MPs in designated areas was embraced by the sheriff’s office and has been successful so far, according to Major Mark Fenninger.

“It’s basically an ownership program that allows agents to have the power to be proactive in resolving issues,” Fenninger said. “If they have a problem or need help, we empower them to come up with a plan to solve it. ”

In the permanent zones, MPs like Segrest are encouraged to make connections – including joining Facebook groups – to help disseminate important information about the region.

“With the growth in our county, the rotation areas just don’t make a whole lot of sense,” Fenninger said. “If you work in your area all the time, you know what’s really going on. ”

Segrest is a 22 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office and his roots in the East Side run deep. His grandfather was a preacher at the Methodist Church in Turin and he knows generations of families.

“When the sheriff’s office wanted permanent areas, I knew this would be a great solution,” Segrest said. “I knew the families, I had great contacts and I knew this was where I needed to be.”

When residents have questions or issues, Segrest says he’s happy to help resolve issues and keep lines of communication open between homeowners and law enforcement, whether it’s ‘urging people to keep doors locked at night or to take the time to speak with those who may be rushing past. neighborhoods.

“If you need anything I’m your guy,” Segrest said. “Let me know so I can be up to date and help out. ”

Segrest was recently honored for his proactive patrols by members of the Walden Pond Homeowners Association.

Walden Pond HOA Treasurer Jeff Miller said residents wanted to recognize Segrest for his exceptional service to their community.

“From the start he was fantastic, working with us and giving us advice, but he’s also an incredibly kind and approachable person,” Miller said. “I have lived in many places and have never seen a level of service as high as what we get from Chris and the Sheriff’s Office.”

20210814-Segrest-1.jpg? Mtime = 20210811162040 # asset: 64278Deputy Chris Segrest is honored by members of the Walden Homeowners Association for his proactive work in keeping the community safe and meeting the needs of residents. Left to right are Walden Pond HOA Vice President Mike Bird, Maj.Mark Fenninger, Sgt. Robbie Walters, Segrest, Walden Pond HOA Treasurer Jeff Miller, Walden Pond HOA President Kenny Gruschow, Sheriff Lenn Wood and Captain Chuck Smith.

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