Predictions 2022: Bob Fiscella, Dunwoody Homeowners Association

Editor’s Note: 2022 certainly promises to be another high-news year, from an ongoing fight against COVID-19 to a debate over whether Buckhead should break with Atlanta. Reporter Newspapers polled local leaders to find out what they think are the biggest issues over the next 12 months. See all the predictions here.

Looking into my crystal ball, the biggest problem Dunwoody faces in 2022 will continue to be the DeKalb County School District and the way it deals with overcrowding and failing infrastructure at virtually all of its facilities inside. of city borders.

DHA along with city officials and Dunwoody stakeholders need to keep the pressure on DCSD to resolve these issues because, as we have all learned, when it comes to the school district, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. .

Dunwoody must continue to lobby for the construction of the proposed new elementary school near the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. And Shallowford Road. Is this the perfect location for a new school? Maybe not, but it is necessary.

It is also necessary to eliminate the situation of overcrowding in high school, and unfortunately adding on the current facility is not the answer. An addition just doesn’t solve some of the major issues, including the lack of sports facilities and parking.

Traffic will only get worse in Dunwoody in 2022 as new construction, mostly on the commercial side, dumps more vehicles onto our roads with no new infrastructure in sight.

The good news for Dunwoody owners is that home prices will continue to rise. As a real estate agent, I have no doubts that stocks will stay low which will keep demand high. Of course, until you sell your house, the only thing the price increase does is increase your tax bill.

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