People talk about how they got a little revenge on their homeowners association, and I’m absolutely kidding


“Our board was tired of people leaving decorations for too long after the holiday was over, so they made a rule last July that we could only have decorations 15 days before and had to be taken down 15 days. after the holidays. Some people might think the rule is correct. But I like to decorate for Halloween on October 1st to have the decorations up all October.

“When they passed this rule, I was livid. I realized they never mentioned what parties we could decorate for, so the first thing I did was go buy red, white and blue lights. I decorated for the 4th of July, and you better believe I left those boring lights on until the 19th of July.

“The problem is there isn’t really a big holiday from July to October. BUT the HOA didn’t say it had to be a big holiday. After July 19, I decorated for International Day beer, which was August 4th, with the same red, white and blue lights for July 4th, but I removed the sign that said “Happy Independence Day” and replaced it with a sign I made myself that said ‘Happy International Beer Day’.

“August 19, I changed the sign to Happy National Aviation Day. I kept the same lights on. Then it was Labor Day. Yes. I just changed the sign again. On September 19, I started celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Because again, they never indicated what holiday we could decorate for.

“I continued through the holidays where I started with Veterans Day after Halloween and then went to Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

“The council met and tried to pass a rule saying what holidays we could decorate for BUT they couldn’t get the vote when they tried to only include New Years, Valentine’s Day , July 4, Halloween and Christmas. They didn’t’ This doesn’t include any Jewish holidays or any other non-Christian holidays like Ramadan, and a lot of people have expressed their displeasure about it.

“So they’re going to meet again, and I think they’re just going to change the rule to have the decorations drop for the holidays in a reasonable amount of time and not put any restrictions on when we can start.”


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