Park City Owners Association expresses strong support for the development of PCMR


The Lodge at the Mountain Village Owners Association in the base area of ​​Park City Mountain Resort recently expressed support for a Provo developer’s plans for a major development on PCMR parking lots. The support contrasts with most other public comments regarding the project, which has been overwhelmingly in opposition.
Tanzi Propst / Park Record

There is opposition on the outskirts of Park City Mountain Resort to a Provo company’s plan for a major development on the resort’s parking lots.

And criticism has surfaced elsewhere in Park City, in places like Prospector, as talks between PEG Companies and the Park City Planning Commission continue.

But the Planning Commission has received a letter in recent weeks supporting the development of a key homeowners association at the PCMR base. There has been little public support expressed for the project, making the statement by the Lodge at the Mountain Village Owners Association a notable addition to the public’s contribution to the project. The property is located at the Resort Center, close to the ice rink, and is not involved in the PEG Companies proposal.

The one-page letter, dated November 18 and sent to the staff of the Planning Commission and the Town Hall, points out that the owners’ association “strongly supports PEG Development and their plans for the development of car parks at the base of Park City Mountain Resort. Scott Bass, the chairman of the homeowners association board of directors, signed the letter.

“Our property is one of the most significantly impacted by this development. PEG Development’s plans will transform and modernize the base village of Park City into a premier destination worthy of our world-class skiing, ”the letter said.

Bass also argues that “the current parking lots are outdated and unsightly and limit commercial and residential expansion which will have a very positive impact on Park City’s economy.”

He notes that the developer recently made some design changes, saying the changes “demonstrate that they are very reasonable and accommodating by listening to the concerns of Park City residents and the Planning Commission.”

“We are aware that there is a group that opposes this development and calls for unreasonable changes that could very well prevent the project from moving forward. We hope the City will place significant weight in supporting landowners such as the Lodge at the Mountain Village who are most affected by this development, ”the letter said. “This basic village upgrade is long overdue and much needed and we will be grateful if the city can move this development forward to final approval.”

The ultimate location of the transit hub at Park City Mountain Resort as parking lots are developed is of interest to a homeowners association at the base of PCMR. The Lodge at the Mountain Village follows discussions on a major development proposal at PCMR.
Tanzi Propst / Park Record

The owners association represents 114 residential units. Bass lives in Atlanta and owns a unit at the Lodge at the Mountain Village. In an interview, Bass said the homeowners association would like the transit center to remain in its current location rather than one proposed in the plans. The whole project, however, got the backing of the homeowners association, he said.

“All I’ve heard is support,” Bass said.

He said the PCMR base area has been “battered over the years” and the terrain where development is planned is currently not “very aesthetically appealing”. He added that PCMR has limited après ski options.

He said Marriott’s MountainSide, built in the years leading up to the 2002 Winter Olympics, is one of the only major upgrades to the PCMR base area in decades.

The contribution of the owners’ association contrasts sharply with most of the other written and verbal testimonies received by the Planning Commission. The entry was overwhelmingly opposed to the proposal over the months of the Planning Commission review. Critics are concerned about the traffic the project is expected to generate, the overall size of the project and the design of the buildings. The concerns are similar to those generally expressed about any major development proposal in Park City. Some of the critics have rallied around an official opposition group called the Responsible Resort Area Development Coalition.

The letter from the Lodge at the Mountain Village Owners Association also contrasts with earlier comments received at Town Hall from one of the Resort Center’s major business owners, known as Silver Mill LLC. This company has expressed concerns about issues such as pedestrian lanes in the base area, traffic and parking. There are also concerns about the impact on base area businesses during construction.

PEG Companies in 2019 entered into an agreement with the owner of PCMR Vail Resorts to acquire the lots. The deal is not expected to be concluded until later. A former owner of PCMR in the 1990s obtained comprehensive development approval for the base area. The approval included the land where Marriott’s MountainSide and Legacy Lodge were developed, but the bulk of the rights are attached to parking lots.

PEG Companies’ proposal concerns residences and retail space. Large garages would be built to accommodate parking spaces that would be lost to development.

The planning committee, it seems, will likely be ready to vote on the project sometime in 2021. It would be one of the panel’s most notable decisions in years.

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