New homeowners association to fight misappropriated properties

Residents have formed a homeowners association to investigate, report and deal with criminal elements in their area, especially those related to illegal immigrants and hijacked properties. The newly formed South African community movement is based in Ferndale and currently has around 50 members.

“But unlike Operation Dudula which has made so much headlines recently, this group of residents promises to be fair and ‘friendly’ in its approach to these issues. We will not harass people,” explained member Thando Gawe, who along with founder Christina Mokgosi and members Lebo Sekgobela and Zuzeka Mapeyi met with Randburg Sun to introduce the association to the community.

“Where there are hijacked properties, we will involve the police and present the people living there with a letter asking them to leave. If they don’t, we’ll see what we can do. Everything will be done at a professional level.

Christina Mokgosi, founder of the South African Community Movement. Photo: Nicolas Zaal

Residents can rest assured that there will be no violence from members of this movement, the group said.

Mokgosi added that the organization would also work with the Ministry of Health and Home Affairs. “We want to make this a national movement because it’s a problem across the country,” she said.

“Even here in Ferndale we are aware of properties that have been taken over by criminals, many of them [allegedly] illegal immigrants who used them as a base of operations. Mokgosi was the ANC’s candidate for ward councilor in Ward 102 in the last local elections, but stressed the move was not political.

The group can be followed on its Facebook page

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