Natomas owners association sparks anger

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SACRAMENTO — A grassroots effort is underway in Natomas to possibly scrap a homeowners association due to too many tricky policies.

At the center of the controversy is the community center in Natomas Park. The homeowners association is asking residents to vote on whether or not they want an $11.5 million renovation to this facility. A project that would increase HOA fees for residents.

Resident Dennis Maloney is leading the charge against the community center expansion. He’s lived in Natomas Park since 2001, and he says the proposed increase in HOA fees from $70 to $105 a month and other issues fuel his anger. He is not the only one.

“I really think there’s some frustration that comes to the surface,” Maloney said. “There is a parking issue where people are being told they can’t park on the street anymore.”

Not just anymore, ever!

According to the compliance officer in charge of Natomas Park, the rule that residents cannot park on the street, only visitors, has been in effect since the community opened in 1999.

“Yeah, pretty much anyone in the area who wants to park there can, except the owners,” said resident Brian Ash, who has received letters from the owners’ association regarding parking from his car in front of his own house, as well as other exits.

The warnings include threats of fines if he does not comply. He has written letters to the association asking for a change, but says nothing ever does.

“It’s something you’ve gotten used to over the years,” he said. “But to hear that they’re going to raise it on top of what we’re already paying with all the issues and concerns we’ve had, it’s disheartening to hear that.”

Most of the Natomas Park rules have been in place since 1999, when the community of nearly 4,000 homes opened. But Maloney thinks it’s time for a change. He and some of his neighbors are seeking to reject the community center expansion plan, and if successful, they hope it will lead to changes on the board.

“I don’t feel stuck because ultimately I think this card can be replaced. In general, HOAs can have a lot of power, and I think it depends on the makeup of the HOA and how greedy they are for power.

The vote on the renovation of the community center is underway for the next two months by its residents.

FOX40 contacted the Natomas Park Homeowners Association but did not receive a response.


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