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Shillong | 22 october

The Meghalaya SSA Schools Association (MSSASA) decided to hold a mass rally in Shillong on November 9 over the state government’s failure to meet their demands.

Speaking to reporters here today, MSSASA President Aristotle Rymbai said the association has already staged various protests in recent months, but to date the state government has failed had never called the teachers to discuss, indicating that the education department has not been bothered by the plight of teachers they have faced every day for the past four months.

“This inflexible attitude has led us to make this decision to hold a mass rally on November 9 in Shillong and if the state government continues to turn a deaf ear to our request, we will continue to organize various agitation programs. in the future, ”said Rymbai.

Rymbai said that MSSASA’s demands are not only to release their long-pending salary, but also to regularize all SSA teachers in the state and also to implement teacher pay scales as per the prescribed standards of the right to education (RTE).

He added that there are 12,541 SSA teachers in the state and in the past four months teachers have had to face so many hardships due to the non-release of their salaries by the state government. On the other hand, Rymbai informed that MSSASA had previously met Minister of Education Lahkmen.

Rymbui to this day, they have never received a positive response from him, indicating that as the head of the department he cares the least about the fate of the teachers.

Rymbai said that in accordance with the prescribed standards of Chapter 3 of RTE 2009 and Section 7 Clause (1), Section Clause (VII), it was clearly stated that all state governments should set aside special corpus funds for the payment of salaries until the central government releases the sanctioned amount to the state government, but so far the state government has never had a special corpus fund to pay teachers’ salaries of the ASS.

In this regard, the President of MSSASA said that they have filed an RTI complaint with the Ministry of Education and in a few days they will receive the report and everything will become clear about the position of the state government.

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