Macomb Township Hosts Homeowners Association Meeting – Macomb Daily

Macomb Town Hall will take on a more neighborhood feel on May 2, when officials host a homeowners association meeting.

Supervisor Frank Viviano said the township had hosted a meeting for homeowner association presidents and leaders at City Hall at 6:30 p.m. on May 2.

“The goal is to give residents who help run their communities a kind of open forum with some of the elected officials and a few of our department heads that we can get really good and effective two-way communication between them and us, and see how we can help each other in the future,” Viviano said on April 20.

The meeting is a first for the township, a way to encourage direct face-to-face discussion between the township and homeowner associations.

“We hope that they can share with us their main concerns regarding the challenges they face, and see how we can use the resources of the township to meet these needs. And I also hope that we can share with them, maybe things that they don’t know about the township, events and activities and maybe some of the ordinances, and maybe this will be the occasion to dispel some misinformation about a given number of topics,” Viviano said.

The township began collecting the names and contact information of the presidents and officers of the Macomb Township Homeowners Association (HOA) last fall, with the goal of creating a database. On April 6, the township posted information on its website at, indicating that information about the president and leaders of the homeowners association was still requested. Instructions on how to submit contact information have been included in the site and forms have been made available at .

The development of the database was intended to develop the town hall or a series of sessions to improve communication between the municipality and its neighborhoods. Township Community Relations Liaison AnnMarie Chamberlain said compiling information for the list will be an ongoing project.

“We learned there was no single repository where this information is stored, and some of the information we encountered was outdated,” Viviano said. “We mainly had to rely on word of mouth and social media posts, things like that. When the next water bills come out, we will put information on the envelopes.

The difficulty of finding reliable information is one of the reasons it took the township extra time to schedule the homeowners association meeting, Viviano said. The township is now looking to invite homeowner association representatives to the May 2 meeting based on current information, in the hope that this can help spread the word to other homeowner associations for future reference. Chamberlain said he reached out to homeowners association contacts the week of April 18.

“It was a first interaction with them, asking them what their biggest concerns were,” Chamberlain said.

As the meeting is designed to be held between homeowners association representatives and township representatives, it will not be a public meeting with live or video streaming, Viviano confirmed. However, he hopes to provide information that representatives of homeowner associations can disseminate in their neighborhoods.

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