Killearn Homeowners Association election results in new faces – Tallahassee Reports


The Killearn Homeowners Association, which oversees a neighborhood of around 3,800 properties and 12,000 residents in northeast Tallahassee, recently held elections for its 9-member board of directors. The unofficial results, coupled with the fact that two incumbents – David Ferguson and Phil Inglese – did not seek re-election, ensure there will be several new faces on the board.

There were five seats to be filled, with two incumbents on the ballot. The two holders – Gloria Arias and Michael Flemming – ended up losing.

Assuming the unofficial tally was accepted, the five candidates who received the most votes were Luke Brown (640), David Hoodenpyle (603), Paul Munyon (565), Jeff Graverholt (484) and Susan Dickerson (458) .

Pending the certification of results, these five candidates will exercise three-year mandates spanning 2021-2023.

In addition, Danielle Irwin, who was previously appointed for an unexpired term, was confirmed by a majority vote.

The current members who were not running for election and who will remain on the board are Carla Gaskin Mautz, Steve Givens and Charles Faircloth.

Over the past two years, a number of high profile and controversial issues have come before the KHA. The issues included the transition of the Killearn Golf and Country Club and the possible sale of the community property.

However, no issue was more significant than the North East Gateway project which was designed to connect Killearn Estates with the future development of the Welaunee plantation. The contentious issue was recently resolved by compromise, but fallout from the issue included KHA’s open criticism of Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desloge. In fact, the KHA took the unusual step of supporting their opponent Brian Welch, who won the November 3 election.

The election results will be reviewed by the KHA Board of Directors at a meeting scheduled for December 1.

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