Illinois Elementary School Association cancels fall athletic season


The Illinois Elementary School Association has canceled its fall 2020 athletic season, it announced on its website Friday.

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The IESA Board of Directors held a special meeting on Thursday 23 July. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss fall sports and whether these activities could be organized within the current limitations placed on schools and activities by the Illinois Department of Public Health. .

After much discussion, the board of directors unanimously approved the cancellation of the IESA regular season and state playoffs in the sports of boys and girls golf, boys baseball, girls softball and cross-country. country boys and girls for the 2020-21 school year. There are no plans to try to reschedule activities or organize them later in the school year, in part due to Illinois high schools playing their contests. Practice in women’s softball was scheduled to begin July 27. The baseball and cross-country seasons were scheduled to begin on August 3. The Council has delayed any decision regarding women’s basketball. The first day of women’s basketball training is scheduled for August 31. The Council will meet again at the end of August to make a decision regarding women’s basketball. The board has reviewed and approved a plan submitted by the Speech Advisory Committee that allows schools to host their own speech contest over the next school year. Schools participating in the speech will receive information at a later date. No decision regarding other activities has been taken.

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