Homeowners’ association rejects family’s request for RV on property to help paramedic isolate



A homeowners association has refused a family’s request to have a motorhome parked on their property so that a medical assistant who treats COVID-19 patients can self-isolate while remaining close to their family.

A frontline fighter in Virtua Camden, Jeff Braddock’s wife Anissa needed a safe place to come home.

“My wife deals with COVID patients on a daily basis,” Jeff told FOX 29.


The family were hoping they wouldn’t infect their 6-year-old daughter, so Jeff posted on Facebook that his family were looking for an RV so they could isolate themselves completely. Fortunately, fellow Moorestown residents Beth and Max Fisher came to the rescue.

The only problem? The Laurel Creek Townhouse Owners Association denied the request to have an RV on the property. Despite the fact that the alley the Braddocks wanted to use is not shared.

In a statement to FOX 29, the association said: “While we understand the plight of all those fighting the coronavirus on the front lines, and those who wish to live in quarters separate from their family members, our community does not was not designed in a way that makes it safe to park RVs outside of townhouses. ”

The council is partly made up of residents.


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