Hoho Calls for Lotha Baptist Church Association to Disband –

The action committee under Lotha Hoho, the supreme body of the Lotha people, decided to dissolve the current administration of the Lotha Baptist Church Association (LBCA) effective March 18 and called on the public to a peaceful demonstration on March 23. at ground zero, Vankhosung.

Through a public statement, the Lotha Hoho alleged that the LBCA had “created much confusion in the minds of the Lothas and damaged the religious ethos to a great extent”.

The Hoho also ordered LBCA office holders to submit their written resignation letters within seven days or by March 25 at the latest.

Earlier on February 28 and March 18, they had held a consultative meeting with Baptist ministers Lotha Sanrhyu and the Lotha Baptist Theological Association in the hope and expectation of settling the issues amicably. However, later the organizations were not allowed to attend the meeting by the LBCA.

The statement states that discontent within the fellowship of the church has the potential to disintegrate the LBCA, which will constitute irreparable loss and misfortune for the Lotha tribe. Therefore, in order to avoid any split and to ensure the unity and cohesion of the churches within the Lotha society, the Lotha Hoho had issued a memorandum under the provisions of Section 371A (a) I), ii), ii) & iv), of the Constitution of India and as authorized by Point No. 8 of the 16 Point Agreement of 1960.

The Hoho has constituted an interim administration for the LBCA for six months to streamline the administration of the LBCA and the interim positions of the LBCA are to be filled and appointed from among prominent theological elders of Lotha.

The Lotha Hoho said the former LBCA board members defied the guidelines given by the Hoho and called a meeting on the matter on March 23. Hoho said, taking serious note of the development, an emergency meeting was called in March. 20 where it was decided not to allow any meeting called by former LBCA leaders.

He further warned that anyone defying the instructions and attempting to attend the meeting would be liable for any public order issues that may result.

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