Georgia High School Association Endorses Ban on Transgender Athletes

GEORGIA — The Georgia High School Association voted to require student-athletes to play on teams determined by the sex on their birth certificate — not their gender identity. The organization oversees sports for public high schools in the state.

The voted unanimously62-0 on Wednesday after Governor Brian Kemp signed House Bill 1084.

“Following my signature on HB 1084, the Georgia High School Association today voted to protect fairness in school sports by unanimously allowing youth to compete based on the gender determined on their birth certificate,” Kemp said. tweeted. “I’m proud to have championed this effort in Georgia!”

According the AJCthe ruling restores GHSA policy that existed prior to 2016, when the GHSA began allowing individual member schools to set their own policies.

In an interview with the newspaper, the association’s director, Robin Hines, said he had only heard “anecdotally of a few transgender athletes competing in men’s cross country” and that the GHSA does not follow. not the participation of transgender students.

Conservatives who support Wednesday’s vote have argued that transgender girls have an unfair advantage in sport.

Meanwhile, LGBTQ advocates call the law a needless attack on vulnerable children.

Jeff Graham, CEO of Georgia Equalitycalled the GHSA vote “despicable” and taking away local control from school districts.

“All Georgian students should have equal access to school sports, and efforts to change policies that facilitate this must be done in a transparent and open manner. The actions of the GHSA Executive Committee today will do real harm. to trans kids in Georgia who just want to be themselves and fit in,” Graham said in a man of stateyou.

Georgia joins the list of more than a dozen other states that have banned transgender participation based on gender identity for school sports in recent years, according to Movement Advancement Project. Some of these states include Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Iowa.

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