Dunwoody Homeowners Association elects new president


The Dunwoody Homeowners Association Board of Directors elected a new President, Bob Fiscella.

DHA chooses its presidents through its six-member executive council. The Board elected Fiscella in February and outgoing President Adrienne Duncan officially passed the baton to Fiscella at the DHA meeting on March 14.

Bob Fiscella, the new president of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.

Fiscella has lived in Dunwoody since 1993 and has been a member of the DHA board since 2008. He said he joined the board just after an unsuccessful run for Dunwoody city council – a loss that he now regards it as “a blessing.”

In an email, Fiscella said he wanted DHA to have a more active voice in zoning changes.

“DHA’s mission is to ensure the quality of life for owners and to protect their real estate investment. In this regard, I think DHA needs to actively work with the city on any zoning changes, especially in Dunwoody Village, ”said Fiscella. “DHA certainly wants the village and all of our trading nodes to be successful for our great trading partners, but it cannot come at the expense of the owners. “

Fiscella also said he would like the DHA to be a “watchdog” for the DeKalb County School District during his three-year tenure.

“County policies have left Dunwoody schools, especially the high school, with a massive overcrowding problem that needs to be addressed, and the solution cannot just add trailers,” he said. “DCSD is to build another high school in the North Arc, and DHA will make its voice heard to that end.”

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