Case of attack against the secretary general of a cracked school association


The investigation revealed that the attack was instigated by a member of a parents’ association to eliminate D. Shashi Kumar and resume his post.

Jalahalli police on Sunday solved the case of the attack on D. Shashi Kumar, general secretary of the Associated Directorates of Primary and Secondary Schools, and arrested five people responsible for the attack. Mr. Kumar was attacked outside his home in Mutyalanagar on the night of July 29.

Police recovered a pistol as well as cartridges, deadly weapons, pepper spray, two bicycles and two cell phones from the accused.

Last month, a group of four armed men attacked Shashi Kumar as he got out of the car. In an attempt to escape, he got back into his car, pulled out the licensed pistol and opened fire in the air, whereupon the accused escaped.

Shortly after the incident, police, using CCTV footage and details of call tapes, tracked down the defendants and arrested them.

The investigation revealed that the attack was prepared by a member of a parents’ association that had hired a group of repeat offenders to eliminate Mr. Kumar, 51, to take office.

While police have arrested five of the defendants, the main defendant and others are fleeing and efforts are being made to locate them, said Dharmendra Kumar Meena, DCP North Division.

The assailants, who have murder cases pending against them at various police stations, were arrested and remanded in custody at Parappana Agarahara prison. After being released on bail a few months ago, they were approached by the main defendant who gave the contract to eliminate Shashi Kumar, said Guruprasad A, inspector, Jalahalli. He had rented a house six months ago for the accused to stay near Shashi Kumar and monitor his movements to plan the attack, police said.

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