Bota Homeowners Association responds to protests

The La Bota Homeowners Association, which is made up of the developers of the development, is now sharing its reaction to homeowners struggling with their fees.

La Bota homeowners and members of “Homeowners Voices United” protested outside the Webb County Justice Center amid an auction selling properties in that subdivision.

The group has been battling its homeowners association for several years over an increase in HOA fees and has even taken the battle to court.

We have contacted lawyers for the owners of La Bota, who say in part that there are a few owners in the development who continue to allege problems with assessments and council control.

In a statement, they say Texas law allows developers in a subdivision or neighborhood to retain control of development until it is completed.

The statement goes on to say that the HOA has been and is currently willing to allow owners to serve on the board.

As for collections, the association says appraisals have been kept as low as possible over the past 15 years. However, they have to make adjustments from time to time.

Prior to the dues being passed, the statement said the association contacted owners to get their views on the decisions and was willing to work with owners.

If you want to read their full statement, you can visit the KGNS news app or website and click on the “extras” tab.

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